Dental implants are a great way – and a permanent solution – to restore missing teeth. They provide a way to replace teeth with something that looks, feels, and functions naturally. Implants are used to restore one or more teeth and can even secure slipping or loose dentures.

During this procedure, Dr. Fugler will place a titanium post into the bone. The post integrates with the bone giving a strong foundation upon which to restore the missing teeth or secure the dentures. Then, your dentist will create restorations or specialized dentures to provide solid, lasting results.

Dr. Fugler has placed many implants and receives referrals from several general dentists to have implants placed on their patients. Dr. Fugler will work closely with you and your dentist to ensure that implants are a good option to enhance the functionality and beauty of your smile.

We look forward to discussing this exciting and rewarding treatment option with you. By setting up for a consultation, we can discuss your goals for restoring your teeth and decide if implants are a good option for you.